«Martuni Women’s Community Council» NGO

25 сентября, 2023

The mission of the «Martuni Women’s Community Council» NGO  is to foster community engagement among the population, promoting their active involvement in addressing economic, social, and cultural challenges within communities. This emphasis includes a special focus on vulnerable groups.

Established in 2000, the NGO operates across various sectors, including social services, healthcare, environmental conservation, and community development, with a strong emphasis on encouraging direct community participation in problem-solving. Through our efforts, we have successfully reconstructed medical centers, constructed preschools, and established a social enterprise. Our aim is to contribute to the creation of a secure and protected citizenry within the community.

Additionally, the organization extends humanitarian aid during emergency situations, offering support to displaced individuals, isolated elderly citizens, abused women, and other vulnerable groups.

The NGO’s program directions encompass the following:

  • Assistance for vulnerable groups
  • Humanitarian aid during emergencies
  • Adult education
  • Raising awareness and enhancing the capacity of civil society
  • Promoting human rights and democracy
  • Media literacy and engaging youth
  • Combating corruption and conflicts of interest
  • Fighting against discrimination

In the city of Martuni, we have established the following initiatives

  • A support center for victims of domestic violence
  • The «EduPalette» adult education center
  • «Martuni InfoHouse»
  • «Tagani» social enterprise
  • «Radio Martuni» online radio
  • Martuni Youth Bank
  • A Community Resource Center

Our organization collaborates with both local and international partners. Since the 44-day war of 2020, the «Martuni Women’s Community Council» NGO has undertaken various programs aimed at integrating displaced families and ensuring their return to a normal life. These programs have included organizing awareness campaigns and capacity-building courses specifically tailored to the educational needs of displaced individuals.